Saturday, 12 February 2011


Asda lemon cupcake, you have no idea how happy this makes me, especially after a long hike in the Wiltshire countryside. My foot has a huge blister on! :(

Anyway, I got a tumblr account, I find it easier to post pictures and share them on there than on here, but I prefer writing my thoughts on my blogspot, so that's how its going to be, although I'll still be putting up pictures on here. I'm not so sure about the whole reblogging thing on tumblr, when I do it I try to credit where possible, and always put a link to my page on my photographs. I think as long as you try your hardest to credit the photographer then its ok, and that goes for on here too.
I don't really have any new photos at the moment, except for some very sweet ones of my boyfriend looking all sleepy, but he'd kill me if they appeared on here hahaaa. When all or most of my work is done I will get out and snap some stuff. Going to town tomorrow to attempt to get some Valentine's presents for the boy, I have set a £10 limit for both of us...could be interesting, wonder if Primark does V.Day gifts..? JOKE! Anyway, I am shattered and need to make my foot better, plus I can feel an impending headache coming, nap time. Enjoy Valentines!


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