Sunday, 6 February 2011


So ignore everything I said in my last post. Despite being someone who usually considers all aspects of everything, or tries to, I failed to think about the ethical issues of extensions. After reading a news article on it, sent to me by Lucy (thank you!), I am not going to bother spending money on them. My hair isn't that bad, and all I need to do is be patient and let it grow.

I have been left for two days by the boy, so I have lots of free time to do my dissertation- which at the moment consists of typing up 30 articles worth of notes. FUN. The first draft is due in 2 weeks, why am I not full of fear?!? I haven't written anything ugh. And sleep at the moment is not exactly happening, I don't seem to be able to sleep well on my own, mainly due to an over active imagination and watching every single episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding hahaa! Its amazing.
Also signed up for today, which is nice to have on when you're typing, and also a great way to listen to new music, which I haven't done for ages. SO, in an attempt to discover new stuff I am going to post up a tune a week, they might be old favorites or completely new ones that and youtube throw up.

Today's one is from Fleet Foxes, which I found by accident on youtube. Beautiful. Enjoy:


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