Friday, 27 April 2012

payday treats

I. Got paid (feels like forever since my last paycheck whooooo!), so I had some cash to fritter away (although I'm meant to be looking for a nice wedding outfit, cough cough), anyway might have got that sorted as I'm going to see my bf this weekend and dragging him off shopping! ;)

II. First up is the Loreal Telescopic Mascara, heard some very good things about this so expectations are high! There was a "2 for £14" deal on, as the mascara is £10.99 on it's own it was a good opportunity to get some more goodies...

III...which brings me to my second item: Colour Riche lipstick in Red Passion (or Cheryl's red as touted on the annoying adverts), I wasn't looking for another red but none of the other shades really grabbed me- all a little frosty looking with a massive amount of shimmer. This has surprised me, it's a nice, wearable red, there is shimmer but nothing too offensive and it's in no way drying on the lips. Very pleased since it only cost me £3 instead of £8- definitely not really worth that much!

IIII. My final purchase is probably my favourite- the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze- I have been hunting for this for absolutely ages, all gone in the big stores! I didn't expect this to be stocked in my little local Boots but there it was, and there was one left, so I grabbed it! It's very very similar to the mac paint pots, which I adore, and the container is also very familiar- very sturdy and made of thick glass with a screw top lid. The product isn't as thick in texture compared to my mac offering, but this stuff doesn't budge, even scrubbing it in a hot shower only just managed to remove it, although I think my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish might be up to the job ;) Anyway, I'm really looking forward to using this and seeing if it can last more than 8 hours (not going to be sleeping in my makeup to test the 24hr claim thankyou!)

V. So looking forward to this weekend and some much needed retail therapy, also going to be using ebay to make me some more cash- I've only just recovered from the last lot of stuff I sold on there, I had a lot of trouble with royal mail and some very nasty buyers who desperately needed an attitude transplant...anyway, roll on Saturday afternoon and two days of freedom!!


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