Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April Glossybox: The 'Natural' Box

Contents: Kai fragrance sample, Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose Balm, Inkia Organic Eye Liner in 07 Graphite, Caudalie Thirst Quenching Serum, Ayuuri natural Coconut body wash.

 The theme this month was 'natural beauty' and eco-friendly products, all packaged within a bio-degradable box (personally my favorite box in terms of colour and texture, I really like neutral colours like that), complete with a cotton ribbon. This has to be one of the best boxes in terms of contents for a very long time, I was very pleased with every item and I think we definitely got our money's worth this month. Onto the products...

I. Kai fragrance sample. Ok, so another perfume sample! But this is meant to be used on pulse points to calm and soothe the senses and mind (well that's the jist I got from the small description card), a very nice scent, but was it calming? I put it onto my wrist and inhaled, cue a bit of coughing and not a lot of calming! However, I can't say I use stress relieving scents to chill me out, but I would use this as a perfume- apparently it's meant to smell different on everyone, for me it smelt woody and also floral, a nice combination.

II. Figs & Rouge balm. An all purpose balm designed to be used on the whole body on dry and stressed skin. I use this as an intensive overnight lip treatment, the texture of this is a little harsh, but it really exfoliates my lips and leaves them feeling nourished. Just don't eat anything while you have this on, as it gives food a very nasty taste! This is also very powerfully scented, so those of you who dislike strong scents then beware.

III. Inkia organic eye liner. Hmm, perhaps my least favorite item in this box, I don't really wear pencil liner as I find it smudges very easily compared to liquid liner, and tends to look awful on me after a few hours, I'm thinking this might be rehomed somewhere.

IIII. Caudalie serum. LOVE THIS! I was never that bothered about serums as I have to be careful when introducing anything new to my skincare routine in case it causes more spots, but this is lovely stuff! Even though I luckily don't suffer with dry skin (which is what this is meant to combat), I apply this morning and night before moisturiser and it makes my skin look instantly better, it feels lovely to apply and if I could afford the hefty price tag for the full amount then I would consider buying it, might have to use my YSL one from last month's box up now, perhaps a serum addiction is developing...!?

V. Ayuuri Coconut body wash. Again, I really really like this, my Rituals shower gel is nearly empty and it's nice to get a good size backup product! Even though I'm intolerant to coconut I love using beauty products with it in, it smells amazing and this bodywash leaves my skin feeling moisturised and fresh.

Overall, well done Glossybox! I'm looking forward to next month as it's the first year anniversary box- after that then we'll see, I keep meaning to unsub from this beauty box thing, but they keep pulling me back haha!


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