Monday, 16 April 2012

moving on...

I. Went to Dorset this weekend to visit the bf, went to Swanage and had an epic portion of fish & chips plus a mr whippy ice cream (even though the temperature was pretty arctic like), the new forest harley davidson club turned up in the middle of our meal, we were deafened by the bike engines. Also witnessed a tractor pulling competition... haha. 

II. Added some pictures in of the amazing view point we stopped off at, above an abandoned village that we will be visiting next time, plus some of my jewellery and my lovely pug make up bag- his eyes follow you around the room!

III. Just working this week, got the dentist next monday, so not looking forward to that one (who does?!) as I'll be finding out when my teeth have to be surgically removed.

IIII. Our house is for sale (will be as of wednesday), it's finally happened and I'm a mixture of feeling nervous and excited. After my parents talking about it for ages it's happened very quickly and thinking about where we could be in a year's time is quite scary...but in a good way if that makes sense? I just hope it all works out ok!

V. Found a lovely denim button up shirt in h&m today, for £15 less than the topshop one, really wanted one for ages and I'm looking forward to wearing it with my cross print skirt, although I now have £30 to live on until payday.  Bah.


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