Wednesday, 4 April 2012

real techniques/mac soft & gentle

 I. When I got paid the other week I decided I needed some new makeup and brushes, a girl can't have enough! Went to Boots and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, bought the core collection and the stippling brush by Real Techniques...simply amazing brushes, they really do live up to all the hype around them, the buffing brush has overtaken my Sigma F80 foundation brush by miles. I love them. I just wish you could buy them all individually. The little case they come in is very useful though, as my current makeup brush holder (a mug) is quite full.

II. Then I went to the mac counter and picked up Soft & Gentle msf, it's very pretty and my new favourite highlighter, I've used it everyday since I bought it, it gives such a flattering and lovely glow to the skin, and I can see this working on pretty much every skin tone. I use my real techniques contour brush to apply it, so soft!

III. I have lost over a stone now, and I feel so good about it, everything seems to fit me so much better, although nearly every pair of skinny jeans I own are now quite baggy, might have to live in dresses until I can afford smaller ones, unless it snows of course!

IIII. Went out at the weekend for my friend's birthday, such a fun night, but I didn't take my camera, it was so nice to see everyone but it makes me think realise how far we've all moved away from each other, I really appreciated seeing everyone and having a good time- very much needed!

V. Just working this week and then making lots of yummy stuff for my mum's birthday on Saturday, then I'm off for a family day out on the Sunday to a castle, going to hopefully get some nice pictures and use up some more film.

Have a nice week/Easter! :)


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