Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter bank holiday weekend

 I. This weekend has consisted of lots of walking and also eating a large amount of bad stuff (tasted nice though), so hopefully the exercise cancels it out! Made an cake for my mum's birthday that contained an epic amount of raspberry cream filling, and got lots of chocolate bunnies for Easter.

II. Went up on Dartmoor in the sun to go letterboxing and to climb a tor. Saw some amazing views but the clouds meant that any pictures didn't really come out properly.

III. Also went to Dunster Castle in Somerset on the Sunday, it was a lovely day and such a beautiful place with a very pretty village, also saw an adorable french bulldog with gorgeous little ears like a bat haha. Had quite a spooky experience on a staircase inside the castle, but felt nothing in the rooms where the majority of the ghostly sightings are meant to take place- typical. We came down the back staircase and it was freezing, like walking into a fridge, but only I felt it, my parents said it was warm. The feeling also followed me until the next room, not a pleasant experience, but I really want to go back on a quieter day and see if anything else happens. There was also an exhibition about the castle ghosts, and people had sent in pictures of the castle where things had appeared which weren't there when they were taken- it was so interesting. I looked at my pictures when I got home but there wasn't anything weird in them sadly. 

IIII. Today is so wet and horrible I don't really feel like doing much except drinking lots of tea by the fire and consuming more chocolate, I have lots of vanilla buttercream frosting left over from cake making, so I might make some butterfly cakes this afternoon. Diet is slipping I fear...thank god Easter is once a year!


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