Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Light

Free stuff in Marie Claire!! Specifically some Dove hair therapy Nourishing Oil Care and Ciate Nail Polish in My Fair Lady, although you can also get some dark sparkly purple too- really cute bottles.

While in town I also picked up some new mascara as my current one is on it's last legs, and you got a free liquid eyeliner with it. I got the Rimmel Day to Night mascara, as I've heard good things about it, plus I love stuff where you can muck around and build it up/packaging that has gimmicks attached. Not 100% sure about the eyeliner, it has a soft applicator wand, and I prefer a solid brush/hard applicator as I like a thick winged out line, but we'll see.

I also picked up a Witch foaming cleanser after the pump handle on my Neutrogena facewash broke. There was also a double points offer in my little local Boots today, so I'm doing quite well on the free stuff!

Last but not least, meet my new (old) film camera, the Pentax ME Super. Got some batteries and film today and I'm good to go so I'll be experimenting in the garden this afternoon and also on my family day out tomorrow. As my room's being redecorated I'm going to make a photograph collage on one wall with all my film camera's photos. A bit more attractive and personal than posters (well, hopefully).

Because my job hunting is not going very well, I'm thinking of volunteering at an animal rescue shelter not far away, my grandma supported it so that's another reason to work there. Until then I'm applying for stuff everywhere but no one has replied at all- it's bloody rude and really depressing. To fill up my boring days I've been searching youtube for interesting vids to watch and came across this little gem...of course, it's about pugs, but the music is lovely and it's just really nice to watch- look out for the massive centipede at the end!

Bye for now :)


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