Friday, 26 August 2011


Widemouth Bay, Cornwall.

Just some pictures from our spontaneous day out, we thought it would be really quiet due to the odd weather, but no- it was heaving! We managed to walk away from all the holiday makers though and went to see the rock pools. Then a huge weather system appeared- I managed to take some suitably atmospheric pictures of it- it started to tip it down, so we left quickly! I also managed to get some shots of some wader birds- they looked really blurry on the camera, but turned out really well :)
When I took the boy back to the station :(, me and mum went duvet cover hunting- Debenhams had a lovely set- light green with different coloured swallows all over. And in the sale, get in.

This weekend I won't be up to much- just filling in more applications- you know the story- and hopefully going out with my parents somewhere for bank holiday Monday. I'm hoping the weather is going to seriously improve by then!

Have a nice long weekend :)


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