Monday, 22 August 2011

Mansard Roof

Lipstick- Barry M 150. Nail Varnish- Barry M Raspberry, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Clear. Bronzer- Sue Moxley Famous in Bali.

 Wandered into my little local Boots today and picked up some Sally Hansen nail polish in the hope that it will help my nails grow and persuade them not to break. I also picked up some Barry M polish in Raspberry, I've seen a lot of this colour in the clothes for A/W, so it should translate to nails nicely. I'm really looking forward to the 50% sale on Models Own, which should start soon as they've reached 50,000 likes on facebook, I'm hoping to grab a nice green polish as I currently don't own any nice greens! I picked up the Barry M lipstick and Sue Moxley bronzer last week when my mum took me shopping. The lipstick is lovely, it's like my natural lip shade but better, the formula is really creamy and it wears off really well- sadly it doesn't have a lot of staying power though. The bronzer is brilliant- I'm rapidly running out of Hoola so I needed a cheaper alternative. This one is a lot more shimmery with gold running through it, but it lasts really well and doesn't look too over the top. Perfect! 

I've also been accepted by the Cinnamon Trust! I'm really pleased that someone actually wants me- I've applied for about 15 jobs now and only heard from about 2% of them- either with rejection or telling me that they've received my application and will let me know. Even though I'll be volunteering with the Trust, at least it will get me out of the house etc, and I think they cover transport expenses (don't quote me, but I'm hoping they do). I'm desperate to get some kind of paid work- I'm equally desperate to get shopping, Primark in particular and I want a good rummage in Topshop, plus get some Sleek blusher. 

My room is finished now! I will be posting some pictures of it soon, my favourite item is my new clothes rail (my theory is that if I can see my clothes I'm more likely to wear them ho ho). I'm also doing some archaeology work on Dartmoor with the boy on Thursday and then it's off to the doctors early Friday morning to discuss Diabetes...hmm. Not looking forward to that appointment! 

Enjoy your week!


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