Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Return!

After a pretty long absence I have returned to blogging! My internet refused to work for nearly two months and only last week were we sent a new wireless box. Now it's up and running and I've got round to checking about 15 pages of emails I decided it was about time I paid my little space on the web some attention.

 So Christmas and New Year got bypassed, I had an indulgent and wonderfully relaxing time and now it's back to work (sob). My brother returned from a month in Australia (see picture above, lucky!) and we gained a cat! Chunky lives up to his name (massive and very fluffy) and it's lovely to have a pet again, despite his love of eating and chasing a toy mouse around at night!

 I celebrated our four year anniversary with Adam and tried an oyster for the first (and definitely last) time, and next Saturday I am finally going to visit my friend Lucy in Oxford for some much needed vintage shopping, tea and gossiping! 

 That's kind of my update done, I also stopped going to slimming world after losing two stone. It felt like the right choice, and although since leaving I may have gained a little weight (only 4lbs which I am quite pleased with) I feel confident that I can keep it off long term! Christmas calories may have caught up with me, but you have to live a little yes?!

 I am sure I will be back very soon, vintage hunting will hopefully turn up something blog worthy! I would love to share my York holiday film photos but I no longer have a scanner :(

Back soon!


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