Monday, 14 January 2013

Oxford Comma

 As promised, here is my little post about my trip to see Lucy in Oxford, I only got back this afternoon and I've been enjoying looking at the pictures I snapped. Oxford is a beautiful city, full of amazing architecture and gorgeous little shops, we went to the most amazing vintage shop where I bought a lovely cardigan and a cool gift for Adam- I could have taken half of the shop home with me if funds allowed, the wall of fur coats was particularly interesting! We shopped, drank lots of tea, went out to some amazing pubs including a converted church which is now a cocktail bar, and played scrabble in another pub yesterday evening. We also walked to and from a lovely pub in Wyvern where we had an amazing lunch with free pudding! On the way home you go past loads of huge lovely houses, I want to live in one! If you haven't been there then I can thourghly recommend it, I will definitely be going back!


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