Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween: Pumpkin carving!

 I spent this afternoon carving my pumpkin for Halloween, one of my favourite times of year! My pumpkin is a bit wonky and leans to one side, but I like to think it adds to the creepy effect. This design is so easy to do, I drew it on with a board marker and then cut carefully around it with a sharp knife. I added a red tea light inside for some extra spooky glow! We are using his insides for a Moroccan tagine recipe tonight, yum! Although I'm not planning to go out trick or treating, we always put a pumpkin in the window and give out sweets to the kids that come round. I miss being at Uni at this time of year and going on zombie pub crawls, making a trip to Primark for a cheap t-shirt, then customising it with scissors and loads of fake blood. Drunk zombies are hilarious!

Happy Halloween!


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