Sunday, 12 August 2012

Antony Gormley @ Barrington Court

This is 'Part One' of my pictures from our day out to Barrington Court, a NT house near Ilminster in Somerset, I took so many of the garden so I'll make a feature of those a bit later on. We went to see the Antony Gormley exhibition which is on until the 27th August I think. I couldn't take any photographs of the proper exhibition inside the house (it covers three huge rooms), but they had a little taster in the stables which you could photograph. All of those little clay figures have been made by individuals- all are different and unique in some way. When you see them in the large rooms it really makes your brain hurt- it must have taken ages, it took 4 days for three volunteers to put them all in the rooms! It's awesome! You could also make your own figure to go in the future shows around the country, so cool! The above pictures show little cards which were hung on the stairs at the end of the exhibition, you could write down what the installation meant to you then hang your card up- I chose a few to photograph haha.

It was such a nice bonus to our day out, we got to see a beautiful house and garden, plus some art/sculpture! We also got boiling hot weather which I totally overdressed for- think thick tights and a shirt (the weather forecast lied!).

I'm now back at home cooking some soup, I'm visiting one of the dogs I walk tomorrow as her owner has gone into respite care for 2 weeks, so I'm off to a very posh kennels to see Jazzy, armed with some tasty treats! I've also been debating whether to apply to the Pug Welfare Trust for an adoption form. Apparently it could take years before a pug becomes available, so maybe it's time to put my name down?! Decisions...


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