Friday, 30 September 2011

little update

I feel like I haven't posted for ages- been super busy settling into my job and travelling to see my bf :)

I need to get some sort of routine set up and find time to do some posts. I have aching feet and sore back from standing for about 9 hours, but it's nice to be doing something and have money at last! Although I found out that no one can have time off in December due to some retail policy, so there goes any chance of going to bf's graduation, or doing anything for my birthday- really really unhappy about this.
I haven't bought anything new/interesting for ages, and I won't be until payday next month (sigh). The next big thing is my holiday in October with Adam, going away for a week to a little cottage and I cannot wait!!! Although I hope the weather holds and doesn't snow like everyone keeps telling me it's going to... we're hopefully going to Longleat!

Anyway, here's a pug or two :)


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