Sunday, 11 September 2011

Leopard Nails

nails- ebay. Models Own Utopia, Bubblegum and Nail Art Pen in black.

First attempt at false nails and I only had to re-apply one this morning, feeling pretty smug. They were like talons when I applied them, so out came the nail scissors. I find painting designs on so much easier now, no more smudging, mess or gloop on the side of your nails. Getting them off might be interesting and I am a bit worried that they aren't good for my natural nails, so lots of strengthener might have to be used as a base coat. I had to buy glue seperately, Boots' own, which was cheap and actually worked, although I had to stick a pin down the tube to keep it from sealing itself... Anyway, my room is littered with painted nails now, so expect more designs from now on.

I also found an amazing hair colour on youtube today, the girl had half silver/white blonde and half cherry red, it looked beautiful. When I have money I may try this out, although silver blonde might be easier. Sorry hair, prepare to be ruined once again.


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