Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quiet Houses

Room with a view...

Little raindrops

Sleek storm palette- £6.49, Superdrug.

Mixture of matte and shimmer shadows

Cath Kidston Iphone/Blackberry case.

Graduation ball dress- Topshop. Belt- Oxfam.

Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier. Bag- ebay.

I have massive love for this satchel- £6! Despite the musty smell...
Hiii. So today is disgusting- constant rain and wind outside which put paid to my new fitness regime (jogging around the common with the boy), although I must admit I wasn't that sad... We'll start tomorrow instead. YAY. Not.
Above are some pictures I took quickly of some things that I have got over the past couple of weeks- mainly from ebay/highstreet. The Graduation ball was good- had to queue for nearly an hour to get in and we only got one decent picture of us (still trying to work out a way of acquiring it from the photographer's website without paying a tenner). I felt a little worse for wear the next day lets just say.
That Sleek palette is amazing, I suggest you try it, pretty good price too and it's nice to have a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. I have also been re-reading Rebecca, a book that is very dear to me and now I have nothing to do I can finally enjoy reading something non-academic without feeling like I should be working. Talking of work, I've been considering where I want to go in life, while this decision may not be for the long-term, it is something I am very interested in and it would make a nice change from what I have been doing for the past 3 years. I'm thinking of applying to work on a makeup counter. Not sure if you have to have any specific qualifications though, so it's something I'm looking into.
For now though I'm watching some Pentax film cameras on ebay and enjoying some post-fitness food- last night of being a fatty (hopefully)!

(If anyone knows anything about mac's Back to Mac policy I'd be grateful for any info- do you give back the packaging the products are sent in or the actual product containers after you've used them up- google and the mac site are not helpful... and I'd quite like a free lippy)



  1. Love the colour of the Topshop dress and I love the satchel!

  2. Thank you :) very glad I bought them! x