Thursday, 21 April 2011

Miracle face cream!

Bit of a product post, about a moisturiser, Oilatum natural repair face cream. It's amazing, one of the best face creams I have ever used and I cannot recommend it enough. Sadly, everyone else seems to have discovered it too and most of the larger Boots stores I've been into didn't have it in stock, try the smaller stores is my advice.

Image courtesy of pixiwoo
I think it cost me £7.95, which is the most expensive moisturiser I have ever bought, but you don't need to use a lot every time so it will last you, unless you like to slap it on :P
Why I love it:
 It really moisturises my skin, and lasts all day without feeling oily.
 It seems to help my spot-prone skin, spots never seem to come out as much even though I've only been using it for a week.
It makes my skin look healthier and adds a glow. A great product. Although it does say for dry skin, I use it and have oily to normal skin and I don't find that it adds to the oilyness of my skin if that makes sense. I haven't tested it under make up yet, purely because it has made my skin look better and I haven't felt the need to wear foundation for a while, bonus! I think this cream would be equally great on dry skin too, but if you have oily skin it works well too. Give it a try, if you can find it! They also do lots of bath/general skin moisturisers/baby ranges too.
Can't recommend this enough, and I won't be using anything else for a long time :)


Ooh, and... I HAVE FINISHED MY DISSERTATION!!! At last it is over :D

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  1. I've not seen that one before, although I'll give it a look, as I've had enough of my face feeling like sandpaper.

    Anyway, congratulations on finishing your dissertation. It's one of the best feelings ever, getting the dissertation binding over and done with and handing it in. As I recall, I got rid of mine and then fairly danced my way down the street, with very little consideration given to the fact that most mobile phones have cameras these days....