Sunday, 17 April 2011


Got some new nail varnish- Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black, plus Aztec gold by Beauty UK. I tried out various combinations under the nail effects, red looks good, but this gold is even better- a bit like crocodile skin, in a good way...

I also got taken shopping my mother yesterday, kind of a guilt trip after she's been working all week. Went to new look and got a nice breton top for £7 and a cable knit cardigan for £12 in the sale down from £26 :D I have far too many cardigans now, it's ridiculous haaa.

In other dissertation is going well, and I have done about 3/4 now! Only a week to go until I need to go back to uni to finish it off and print/bind it, I feel like I'll be sending a small child into the world, it's been a big part of my life for the past year, even though it has suffered neglect at times, oops. My car situation is not so good however...

After being sat outside for 8 months with a broken gear box and starter motor the rust has got to her, hopefullyyyy she will be mended soon, as at the mo I'm having to rely on the parents for lifts. Tragic and annoying. I am thinking of either maxing out the overdraft and sending her to a specialist or dare I say it, selling her and buying something newer/more reliable, one day I will own a decent mini!! Hopefully she will get mended though, don't really want to say goodbye yet :( Anyway, must go and bash out a couple more thousand words...the end is in sight!!


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