Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time and Place

University is over. Finito. Apart from being very happy about this, but also quite sad at the same time, I am now bloody bored. I would hunt for a job, but as I have to move back home in a month there isn't much point, plus I have the horrible task of packing up my room which I think will take forever. In the meantime, I am catching up on trashy tv (made in chelsea? HAHA), rereading numerous Vogue and Elle's and trying not to spend any money (saving up for a holiday with the boy, hopefully Rome). Alas this last point hasn't proved easy, and I do confess that I did go on a little shopping spree the other day, come on, the first one since I came back to Uni and anyway I thought I'd reward myself after handing in 4 essays in 2 weeks. First purchases consist of makeup, MAC to be precise. I decided to treat myself to some brush cleaner, concealer, brow set gel, concealer brush and a lip pencil, which I love (subculture).

Brow set

Studio Finish concealer in NW20
Then I bought some rings from here. Loving massive turquoise rings at the moment:

ok, my hand looks deformed...

I also went into town on Tuesday, scoffed Nando's and trawled through so many shops in the hunt for my graduation ball/graduation dress. Found it in Topshop, I'll post about that and my other clothing purchases later. Now I'm going to make some soup and and tea- I might have to take up running or I'm going to end up massive- this is what boredom does to me, I eat! Although saying that I might make a cake...

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