Sunday, 29 May 2011


So...I did it! Only took half an hour, and the pain was bearable. I think a lot of people forget that a needle is being rammed in and out of your skin really quickly, so yes, it will hurt, but it does depend on where you get it. The most painful part were the lines, shading hardly hurt at all and I am so happy with him! A perfect way to end my time at Southampton and University. It ached a bit afterwards and I do have to be careful about knocking it but apart from that it's fine, just washing it with mild soapy water and putting a thin layer of antiseptic cream on a few times a day. The guy who did it was really nice and so funny, he told us that he met Kat Von D last year haha. Afterwards I was meant to go home and rest but I really wanted some new sandals from River Island and a top from Primark so off we went, trying one shoe on was quite funny as I had to wave my bandaged foot around and explain to the sales assistant that no, my foot wasn't broken, I had just gotten a tattoo.

These are actually furry, I can't stop stroking them haha.

Couldn't be bothered to take it off, basically it's got butterflies all over!

From Accessorize, yep, obsessed with leopard print.

I actually got the earrings last week, but forgot to put them in my mac post. I am so in love with my sandals, can't wait to wear them when my swallow's healed, until then I'll be living in Topshop ballet pumps, which will look rank after constant wear so I'll have to replace them. I also got My Neighbour Totoro to watch last night- such a cute, funny film, especially when he's standing at the bus stop with the umbrella, if you haven't seen it I can really recommend it.
Anyway, I am off to make my second cup of tea today, walk to Waitrose with the boy and generally slob around. I've put some stuff on ebay and need to clear out my chest of drawers in preperation for moving home- I only have a month of independance and freedom left eeek. Joke, my parents are amazing and I won't miss having to pay for washing tablets/food etc. Plus my brother has just got a little puppy who I am so looking forward to meeting!


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