Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bases and Shadows

Camera batteries have died and I forgot to buy any today :( hope the uni shop sells some or it means a trip to town which I cannot afford as I just got the boy's birthday present, and it's going to mean that I have even more money issues for a while- but it'll be totally worth it! I have finally decided to use my john lewis vouchers on some Clinique or Chanel foundation. I've been banging on about using them for ages and since my current foundation is ending it's life, I've decided to get something a bit more expensive. a) because its not my money. b) it's a product which I use everyday and I now have the chance to try something a little bit more luxurious.

The above (Max factor xperience foundation, image courtesy of is what I'm currently using, haha they also have the same brush as me (avon foundation brush- cheap and works really well). It's a great product, has never given me spots (oil free and spf 10) and has a light to medium coverage, and also has pretty good staying power. I think its £9.99 in shops now- I got it for £12.99 when it first came out.

Upgrading to either:



I think the Chanel is £28 and the Clinique is £21. I did go and see about getting a Clinique sample today and I saw the actual bottle- you don't get a lot for your money- quite tempted by Chanel now. Both are good for oily skin and I like a matte finish, so Chanel may be the better option. I have watched so many reviews on Youtube (yes, I should be doing uni work) and it seems that Chanel is highly recommended, but Clinique has quite a large following too. I may get samples from both and see how they compare- probably best to test them out before spending. I also got a W7 77 eyeshadow palette from ebay the other day for a tenner. I was going to get the 120 one but it has so many bright shades I will never wear- whereas the 77 one is much more neutral and I'm likely to get more use out of it. Once my camera's better I will get some pics and do a better review (haaha I sound like some makeup pro off youtube). At the moment there doesn't seem to be a good picture on google. Fail.

Anyway, enough rambling- it would be nice to hear from anyone who's tried these foundations- what do you think?


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