Tuesday, 17 August 2010

M.A.C Cosmetics... sheer brilliance

These products are just amazing. Studio Fix foundation has to be the best I have ever used. Covers everything and doesn't dry your skin out. The little eyeshadow pots are genius, and the eyelash curlers make eyes loaded with mascara look even better. The way this company promotes creativity and artistry is wonderful- each new seasonal campaign looks amazing, the way they use colour to promote the art of makeup brings a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry. I always feel that M.A.C and it's products are really accessible to the amateur and professional alike, although I think some of the prices need a little alteration- as a student I can't always afford the most basic items for my makeup bag. Pricing aside though, this is my favorite makeup provider, and it is always a joy to visit their website to see what new delights have become available: visit M.A.C Cosmetics website (UK)
Below are some examples of how visual M.A.C make their campaigns and products. All images from Google Image search or from the link above. Enjoy!

M.A.C Fifi range

Studio Fix Foundation

M.A.C and Liberty campaign

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