Sunday, 15 August 2010

First musings...

Oohoo! My first post! Apologies for any odd words/ images- I'm still getting used to this blogging business... Not sure how I will get photographs on here yet, but I will give it a shot later on. Today I'm attempting to channel Alexa Chung- if she had faded red hair which has gone slightly crazy (the downside of red hair dye, if you have any good suggestions for makes of dye with a little staying power- please comment!). I have on a blue and white Asos swallow print blouse, some denim shorts, opaque tights and a skinny brown leather belt. I shall be wearing my beloved Allsaints boots later to a sculpture garden near where I live. The weather today is predictably dull and overcast, so I shall break out a cardigan and my trusty parka. I'm after a cable knit cream cardi from Topshop. £48- a bit steep for knitwear, but better than Next's version (£70!!!!!). Below: Topshop's version. Yum.

However, the top of my wish list is this adorable bundle: the pug. Although I can't have one as a student- no time or money- one day I will hopefully add one of these cuties to my life. Quite an expensive item, so I need a job! For now I'll content myself with staring at this...

Hope you enjoy my first forced thoughts- in time they will hopefully get better!


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