Thursday, 14 March 2013


 Sorry little web space, I really have been crap at updating you, and it was one of my new year's resolutions...utter fail! I hear Google Reader is being axed, so I'm guessing GFC will be making a disappearance pretty soon too. If you have been enjoying my sporadic posts then please hit the Bloglovin' button and continue to follow me, it would mean a lot :)

 Anyway, I'm sorry for my absence, lately I've been enjoying reading other people's blogs instead of focusing on my own. I think the direction of mine is not really going where I want it too- I'm not sure it really reflects me if that makes sense? I have a few ideas about some improvements, so maybe stay tuned and they might appear at a future stage (if I actually do something, then I have to 100% want to do it).

 For now, I'll continue to enjoy gathering inspiration from fellow bloggers and corners of the Internet and drinking my own body weight in tea.

 See you around.


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